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The water mist is carried off and absorbed by the flow of air crossing the humidification unit. The thinness and homogeneity of the micronized drops optimizes the air-water exchange and considerably reduces dripping.

Unlike most conventional humidification systems where the water is recycled, Microniser directly uses municipal water.

The main design parameters of an Air Treatement Unit (ATU) are:

  • the setpoint in temperature and humidity

  • the air-water exange time

  • the type of droplets separator

Advantages of the Microniser:

  • Efficient control of humidity

  • Very low energy consumption

  • Low investment

  • Simple installation and maintenance

  • No clogging

  • Applications: Air Treatement Unit (ATU) and large volumes

Installation in ATU

1. New Air Treatment Unit

  • The Microniser® atomiser can easily be fitted in a new Air Treatment Unit.

  • It is secured to a rigid support at the centre of the unit section;

  • A unit section of about 1 m² per atomiser will ensure a good water absorption.

2. Existing Air Treatment Unit

  • The Microniser® system has been thinked to replace air washer or hot steam systems.

  • The existing system can be let in place or removed and the Microniser® atomiser can easily be fitted in the existing Air Treatment Unit.

  • Based on the characteristics of the existing installation (size, air speed, water flow), we will propose the best Microniser® solution, allowing you to achieve maximum savings and to reduce your environmental footprint.

Dimensions of the Microniser® atomiser:

  • H = 135 mm / L = 215 mm / W = 100 mm

  • Weight: 3.9 kg

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