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We are hiring


An innovative family SME that relies on the skills and complementarity of its team



  • to humidify

  • to cool

  • to abat dust

  • to spread products



Microniser designs and commercializes technical solutions in the fields of HVAC, odour destruction and adiabatic cooling.

To apply for a job at Microniser SA, please send a cover letter with an updated CV to:

Jobs in the spotlight 

Commercial: We are hiring a salesperson whose aim will be to increase the turnover and the gross margin of the Belgian French-speaking and Luxemburgish market by optimally managing the work organization and the possible expenses. For that, he:

  • Prepare and carry out prospecting

  • Respond to opportunities and customer requests

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Maintains commercial relations


The main segments for which he will be responsible will be:

  • Facility Managers and Building Technical Managers for HVAC and Adiabatic Cooling applications

  • Municipalities and site managers for the destruction of odours


He will report to the sales director and prepare regular presentations for both clients and internal reporting.


We offer

  • Fixed and variable remuneration

  • A vehicle

  • PC, GSM, etc.

Detailed job offers
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